The Future of Computer Technology

feature-3The future computers are the front line in getting to be a mainframe. If you think computing is all about data transmission and silicon chips, then you may need to reconsider in a few years as this will be insignificant. Future quantum PCs will make today’s laptops and desktops appear like wooden balls and pegs attached to sticks by strings. Soon, PCs will use nanotechnology to shrink the span of silicon chips, expanding power and speed with parallel processing and cloud computing will be an old school. Read More →

The Importance of Learning Computer Technology

feature-2Computer Technology have made a lot of major changes in our life and society. The long lines of bills being payed are just few clicks now. Some says that Computer Technology made a lot of contributions in Globalization. Let us discuss the importance of this technology… Read More →

The Danger of Computer Technology

feature-1Though there are lots of good effects and major advantages, we should also consider the dangers of computer technology, can you imagine the worst feeling that you are about to go to work and relied 90% of your work on computer suddenly it broke down and will take days for a technician to fix it? How can you work then? The atm machines being down, online transfers unavailable, scams and online frauds, etc… these are just the few dangers that we are facing through this technology… Read More →