Best Performing Hedges Funds of 2015

Hedge fund takes its position in today’s over heated stock markets. Primary the aim of the most hedge funds is reduce volatility and risk while attempting to preserve capital and deliver positive returns under all market conditions. Most hedge funds are managed by experienced investments professional that are generally disciplined and diligent. Pension funds, endowment, insurance companies, private banks and families invest in top hedge funds to minimize overall portfolio volatility and enhance returns. Hedge funds provide an ideal long term investment solution, eliminating the need to correctly time entry and exit from market. Top hedge funds of 2015 were achieved from their strong correlation with the volatility of each strategy.

Best Performing Hedges Funds of 2015:

  1. Glenview offshore opportunity

This is the fund that has been achieved on opportunistic, concentrated equity long/short hedge strategy. The theme in this is that it changes from time to time since the opportunities arise to profits from events like IPOs. The volatility is variable

  1. Global macro hedge funds

It is adopted by the Bridgewater Associates an American investment management. it utilizes a the global macro investing style according to the economic trends such as inflation, currency exchange rates and gross domestic product. It participates in all major markets such as equities, bonds, currencies and commodities. It makes the directional plays through hedging strategies and leverage. It volatility expectation is high.


  1. Funds of hedge funds

They seek to reduce risk of diversification, it has been rated among the top hedge funds of 2015 since they can either be multi-strategy invest I wide number of fund managers or single strategy where they seek to invest in emerging markets convertible managers among others. In this kind of hedge fund, you pool investment together by blending in strategies and funds. Its volatility can be achieved on the mix and ratio of strategies employed- low- moderate-high

  1. Emerging markets

This is among the top hedge funds of 2015 due to its volatiles that is high contributed by a number of factors such as underlying markets, political and the regulatory risks. They are majorly invested in equity in emerging countries since they tend to have markets with higher inflation and volatile growth.

  1. Convertible arbitrage funds

This singled out very well in the top hedge funds of 2015, this it profits by trading the spread between securities of a company .it uses futures to hedge out interest rate risk. It major focus is on obtaining returns with low or no correlation to both equity and bond markets. It may help to increase returns in difficult market environment.

  1. Event driven

It focuses on financial distress situations or filed for mergers and acquisitions bankruptcy, it call for patience among the investors.

  1. Aggressive growth

This one type of hedge fund that works largely on equities on growth earnings per share, often smaller and micro cap stocks that are expected to experience rapid growth. It includes sector such as technology, banking biotechnology.

  1. Fortress investment Group

It offers a range of alternative and traditional investment strategies both institutional and private around the world. Its major business lies on private equity funds and permanent capital vehicles, credit investment on undervalued, distressed and liquid. Seeks to exploit opportunities in global currency, interest rate and equity markets

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